North Ivar Music and Race of Tan Records presents WORLD ELECTRONICA...

ReDuX:RMx Bret Menezes & Eddie Paton

The world, nu-jazz music of ReDuX:RMx creates the mood for lounge, chill and café atmospheres.

Perfect for loft-living coffee sipping, late night city driving and before or after a night of clubbing, ReDuX:RMx provides a cosmopolitan soundtrack of nonstop original contemporary music for the urban soul.

The studio duo of Bret Archangel Menezes and Eddie Paton has produced two albums of instrumental world, nu-jazz electronica available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBABY. Their work has won numerous awards, world-wide airplay, TV/film/ad placements and has been reviewed in GUITAR PLAYER magazine.

ReDuX:RMx music appears on WARNER MUSIC compilations.

The duo has released it's third album, SOLIS,  featuring the guitar virtuosity of Eddie Paton.

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